Here's how you can always have the best seat in the house.

A great vacation should begin the moment your plane takes off. But that means doing your due diligence to ensure you’ve reserved the best seat possible for a comfortable journey.

Already booked, but want to get an even better seat on the plane? We turned to Jeff Klee, CEO of CheapAir.com, an online travel agency dedicated to helping travelers score the best deals possible. Here are his three biggest tips you can test on your next flight.  

Want free upgrades? Enroll in airline loyalty programs. 

Though we wish we could share some magic words that will help you nab a free first-class upgrade, as Klee shares, "The days of free upgrades are largely over." But, he adds, there's still one way to snag those upgrades, and that’s by joining loyalty programs.

"These days, airlines save a few seats for their loyalty and frequent flier program members, so if [you're] not one of those people, [you] should plan to choose the best available seat within your cabin or consider some of the more affordable upgrade options available for purchase, including extra legroom economy seats on some flights."

The "best seat" depends on your needs.

Getting a "better" or even "the best" seat depends on your travel needs. Klee suggests thinking about when you’re traveling and who you’re going with before booking so you can get the seat that will aid in your comfort. 

"Seat selection is all dependent on the traveler's preference," he says. "We recommend travelers who have a red-eye flight snag a window seat if they want to sleep and not be disturbed. Those flying with children should consider bulkhead seats as these guarantee extra legroom, allowing more space for little ones to move around, while not disturbing the guests in front of them. Business travelers may want to sit on the aisle, near the front of the plane, so they can exit quickly."

This seat decision usually happens at the time of booking. However, if you didn’t get the option you’re after then, you can always approach the counter before boarding to see if there are open seats available. Or, try asking the crew upon boarding if you can swap seats during the flight. The crew will know which, if any, seats are available and are typically happy to accommodate passenger needs and wants. 

Do research on your plane’s seat map.

Not sure what your plane’s seats will even look like? Fliers can check out the plane’s map before booking. 

"On CheapAir.com, we show travelers a seat map on every selected flight so they can see what's still available and how much extra it will cost them. While some airlines don't charge for seat selection, these days, that's more the exception on domestic flights," Klee adds. He notes, on CheapAir.com, travelers can also see legroom and seat width options, as well as all the premium seating availability alongside economy when booking flights, just in case they want to upgrade. Other services provide similar results, including SeatGuru and Expert Flyer, which can help you become ultra-aware of your choices as a flier and score the best seats for you.

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