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Most Affordable Cities in the US To Move To Now

You don’t have to spend over half your salary on rent to live in an exciting city filled with excellent dining, nightlife, and cultural attractions.

Bald Eagles Play with Golf Ball on Frozen Lake

Occurred on December 27, 2022 / Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA: "I went to Stumpy Lake Natural Area in Virginia Beach and it was frozen over. I walked out on the dock because I had seen a Bald Eagle fly close by while I was in the parking lot. I noticed

'SNL' Trolls Southwest — And The People Who Fly It

"You obviously don't respect yourself, so why should we?"

In pictures: underground megaprojects that were left to rot

From nuclear bunkers to top-secret military bases, these megaprojects lie buried deep underground in numerous locations around the world.

29 Mardi Gras Appetizers To Get The Good Times Rolling

Oui, cher.

Charming American Towns Worth Taking a Road Trip to Visit

Hit the roads less traveled.

An Alabama Airport Worker Died After Being Sucked Into a Jet Engine

Death by ingestion is uncommon, but not unprecedented.

Wildebeest miraculously survives two crocodile attacks

A wildebeest was crossing a river in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania when it was attacked by a crocodile. The antelope was able to free itself – but then another predator struck.

I traveled in first and business class on trains across Europe. There was just a $3 difference but the cheaper one was better.

Insider's reporter was surprised to experience more luxury perks on a business-class train than first class while traveling in Italy and Switzerland.

The best country music artists of all time, according to data

Stacker explores the best artists in the country music genre.

Nightmare Cities and Towns From Hell

From Kowloon Walled City and the crime-ridden Le Vele di Scampia, to Hitler's horrifying Welthauptstadt Germania metropolis, click through the gallery for eight of the most controversial modern utopias that turned into nightmares...

Scientists Can Now Use WiFi to See Through People's Walls

This won’t get creepy.

Standoff Between Arctic Fox and Snowy Owl

Occurred on August 10, 2022 / Deadhorse, Alaska, USA: "I had just finished work for the day and was in full waiters, soaking wet from being in the water. I saw an arctic fox running towards the snowy owl in the distance, so I quickly ran back to my truc

Do You Recognize The Most Famous Film Location From Your State?

Find the most famous filming location in every state, plus some fascinating facts movie buffs are sure to enjoy.

Here are the top 19 countries that the US State Department says aren't safe for American citizens to travel to

Countries deemed too dangerous for travel by the State Department are known for civil unrest, terrorist activity, and kidnappings.

UAE museum unveils Torah scroll that survived the Holocaust in tolerance push

By Bushra Shakhshir DUBAI (Reuters) - A private museum in the United Arab Emirates unveiled on Saturday a Torah scroll that survived the Holocaust, the latest sign of what Israel and its new Arab allies describe as a new approach to understanding Jewish history in the Middle East. Ahmed Obaid Al Mansoori, founder of the Crossroads of Civilizations Museum in Dubai's historic district, said the

Out-of-Control Skier Wipes Out Friend

Occurred on December 27, 2022 / France: "Group of 16 friends, 8 couples went on our first skiing holiday together with mixed group of abilities. All the girls are my friends from school, and we have all been friends for 18 years. This video was taken on

Boeing's 747, the original jumbo jet, prepares for final send-off

By Valerie Insinna and Tim Hepher SEATTLE/PARIS (Reuters) - Boeing's 747, the original and arguably most aesthetic "Jumbo Jet", revolutionized air travel only to see its more than five-decade reign as "Queen of the Skies" ended by more efficient twinjet planes. The last commercial Boeing jumbo will be delivered to Atlas Air in the surviving freighter version on Tuesday, 53 years after the 747's

LastPass Customers Need to Change All of Their Passwords

If you use Last Pass, it's time to find a different password manager after the latest data breach.

Weekend Posted: Pronatalists, parliamentarians, and Zellers food trucks

Here’s your Weekend Posted, where we promise not to assault you with envy-inducing images of vacationing friends and relatives frolicking in Saint Lucia or Costa Rica or Maui or Barbados or wherever there’s the potential for a heat warning in late January. Consider this a safe space for frostbitten Canadians who prefer not to be reminded that we haven’t got sun-drenched getaways planned. Bundle up and read on. Ron Wadden, filling in for weekend...

20 Towns Where You Can Still Experience the Wild West

While plenty has changed since fierce gun battles at the O.K. Corral, that doesn't mean you can't find towns that embrace their Wild West history and invite visitors to travel back in time.

Get the greatest grub when you travel to Katy

I visited the world's largest open-air shopping mall in Hawaii. Take a look inside the 2.4-million-square-foot space.

Located in Oahu, the Ala Moana Center has four floors, over 350 stores, more than 160 eateries, live entertainment, and views of the harbor.

Britain's most scenic riverside towns and villages

Great Britain's vast network of fresh, sparkling rivers serve as picturesque backdrops to numerous towns and villages, many of which have been anchored to their banks for centuries. These destinations are sited in some of the most beautiful landscapes in the United Kingdom, and the meandering waterways flowing past them or through them greatly enhance their appeal. Click through and visit the most scenic riverside locations in the land.

24 Rare Photos of Celebrities Inside L.A.'s Infamous Viper Room

Few photographers were allowed inside, but the pictures that were taken offer a glimpse of some wild times in the 1990s and early 2000s.

50 strange laws in other countries

Stacker explores strange laws in popular countries.

The most iconic hot dogs in America

Because so many cities have their own version of the ideal dog, we put together this list of famous hot dogs around the U.S. in cities like Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit and more.

11 Worst Travel Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Vacation in 2023

Avoid wasting money and make your next trip the best it can be by steering clear of these costly travel mistakes.

West Hollywood’s Haute Cannabis Hangouts

West Hollywood has become a nexus for high-end weed shops thanks partly to a welcoming city government. Here are three of the city’s top pot spots, including the only two consumption lounges in the L.A. area: THE ARTIST TREE A cannabis retail, delivery service, art gallery and smoking lounge, The Artist Tree offers edible dining

10 places in Europe people in your area are searching for

L'Alpe d'Huez is a ski resort in southeastern France at 1,250 to 3,330 metres. It is a mountain pasture in the Central French Western Alps, in the commune of Huez, which is part of the department of Isère in the region of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. Explore more about these beautiful destinations on Microsoft Travel. Whether you’re looking solo travel, m...

I visited the Guy Fieri restaurant that's on every Carnival cruise, and it was a far cry from an average fast-food meal

Guy's Burger Joint, a collab between the cruise line and the Food Network star, has a small menu that reminded me of "Diner's, Drive-Ins, and Dives."

20 tips to save money while travelling

Love to travel, but don’t have a lot of money to spend on it? There are plenty of ways to stretch your travel budget without turning your holiday into a chore. Here are 20 great tips about timing your travel, choosing your accommodations, getting around and, most importantly, eating and drinking well for less money.

Dakota Nation Winterfest brings thousands together from across Canada, US

Dakota Nation Winterfest, hosted by Sioux Valley First Nation, returned to Brandon’s Keystone Centre, after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic.. Running from Thursday to Sunday, it filled the Keystone Centre with traditional activities like powwow, jigging and moccasin games, paired with sports tournaments.

Meret Oppenheim: An artist beyond categorization

Best-known for a fur-lined teacup, the Swiss artist and photographer was a free-spirit whose work spanned half a century, and is now the subject of a new retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

I Ate Everything On Rainforest Cafe's Menu And Barely Made It Out Alive

This is a truly bizarre place to visit at least once. It's taken the Julia Tries Everything crew four years to make it to the quintessential '90s rainforest-themed restaurant Rainforest Cafe. We promise it was worth the wait. With only 23 locations worldwide, it's an endangered species of its own. Luckily we found one just outside NYC at Menlo Park Mall in New Jersey. We've been to several themed restaurants over the years (we'll never forget Margaritaville), but nothing could prepare us for the fully immersive experience that Rainforest Cafe brings. There's rain, fog, thunderstorms, elephants (animatronic), gorillas (also animatronic), and iconic bar stools mimicking safari animals' behinds. Known as part adventure, part restaurant, I can confirm it's a truly wild place to visit at least once. Here are the 10 best things I tried. But first, some top-line questions: What is Rainforest Cafe known for?The restaurant was originally known for having live animals in the dining room. These days, you will no longer have parrots swooping across your plate. Do you get to keep the cups?Depends. For most of the cocktails on the menu, yes, you can take the glass home. How often does the show happen?Our location promised a thunderstorm show every 19 minutes. We've been told you can convince your server to activate the thunderstorm for special occasions if you ask very nicely.

14 Ancient Ruins That Are The Oldest In The World

From the petroglyphs of the Burrup Peninsula to the stone artifacts at the Theopatra Cave, these ancient ruins are some of the oldest in the world.

The 10 best national cuisines in the world

Jeff Bezos' girlfriend Lauren Sánchez says Southwest rejected her as a flight attendant because of her weight

Jeff Bezos' girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, wasn't hired as a Southwest Airlines flight attendant after failing a mandatory weigh-in in 1989. She was 121 pounds but needed to be 115.

The world's scariest hairpin roads

Some of the most attractive roads in the world are also among the most notorious for their hairpin bends, serpentine routes, and sheer-drop views. In fact, it takes a steady hand and nerves of steel to negotiate these perilous switchback highways. Click through and go round the bend following the scariest hairpin roads in the world.

A foodie's guide to St. Louis

I Met Pelé in a Drab Midtown Hotel Room. It Was Like Meeting the Pope at the Vatican.

The world-conquering footballer and magnetic statesman has died at 82 years old.

16 Photos of Rock Hudson's Suave Life

Explore the life of a Hollywood icon.

The 30 Most Impressive Airports in the World

The best places to spend your next layover.

Don't make these airport mistakes

A lot turns upon those critical hours leading up to a trip, and so much can go awry if you're not careful. Airport screening delays alone cause thousands of people to miss their flights every year, and that's a lot of money down the drain. But there are ways to be prepared. Check out this gallery to see the worst mistakes you can make at the airport.

I visited the Royal Yacht Britannia, the royal family's luxurious private cruise ship known as a 'floating palace.' Take a look inside.

The Royal Yacht Britannia was the royal family's private yacht from 1953 to 1997. The luxurious cruise ship is now a public museum.

Falcon Flies Down for a Snack

Occurred on February 7, 2021 / Frosinone, Italy: "The ancient art of falconry, Staffi Field area above Filettino."

China says it resumes issuing ordinary visas for Japanese citizens

BEIJING (Reuters) - China has resumed the issuance of ordinary visas for Japanese citizens travelling to the country, the Chinese embassy in Japan said on Sunday, in a move that could ease a diplomatic row. Effective on Sunday, the embassy and Chinese consulates in Japan will resume the examination and issuance of ordinary visas for Japanese citizens to China, the embassy said in a statement.

Watch a Plane's Door Rip Open During a Horrifying Commercial Flight

Thankfully, nobody died. But that probably shouldn't have happened.

All the Rules You Never Knew Restaurants Have to Follow on 'Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives'

First rule of Flavortown? Don't say the word "Flavortown" on camera. Since 2006, we've watched Guy Fieri travel coast to coast visiting some of the country's greatest establishments for Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. It's one of the biggest shows on the Food Network, and with over 648 episodes and counting, it doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon. But what does it take to become a Triple D-featured spot and how does it all work? Both Fieri and producers have spilled behind-the-scenes secrets about the show throughout its 42 seasons—from who picks the restaurants to how you can tell if the host really likes a dish to what happens to these eateries after the cameras leave (spoiler: a little thing called the Triple D Effect!). Keep reading to learn about all things Flavortown and find out what really happens when Fieri rolls into your town.

The World's 19 Most Beautiful Historic Castles

They're literally fit for kings.