Diego Garcia: the secrets behind the remote US military base

The island of Diego Garcia, home to one of the most mysterious US military bases, is plagued by controversy and entangled in many high-profile conspiracy theories. Exiled natives have been protesting for years for the right to return to the island after they were forced to leave and make way for secret military operations. Some theorists even believe that the missing Malaysia Airline Flight 370 was hidden on the island. Intrigued? Click through the gallery to learn more about this mysterious military base.

20 tropical destinations to fantasize about in the summer

International travel is touch-and-go, with most countries remaining a no-go, but nothing can stop you from fantasizing about tropical destinations on your wish list as soon as you're allowed to explore freely again. Below are 20 particularly beautiful tropical vacation spots to vicariously enjoy.

18 eco-friendly tips for staying cool

Flip through the gallery for 18 eco-friendly ideas for staying cool this summer, from chilly frozen water bottles to a DIY swamp cooler that's surprisingly powerful.

5 Top online gambling stocks to consider

Online gambling stocks remain some of the most popular investment themes in 2022. The U.S. betting market will range between $5.9 billion and $8.2 billion by 2024 (via Online gambling is now legal in eight states, with general sports betting being legal in more than 30. This list introduces top online gambling stocks for interested investors. This list's performance is calculated on an equally weighted method.

A Grand Tour of European cities

The most beautiful streets in the world

What is the "retirement curse" and how to avoid it

Society has a strange relationship with growing older, loaded with false expectations and somewhat backwards logic. Many of us will work through our best physical years, grow completely used to being instructed on what to do, then when you are a little more tired than before and likely more ready to sit for longer periods, you’re given all this free time and an allowance for fun. It’s supposed to be this incredible gift we give ourselves, but studies are showing it's turning out to be more of a curse than a blessing if you don't do it right. Click through to learn about what the "retirement curse" is, how it might affect you, and how you can take concrete steps to avoid it.

20 cheap (or free) date ideas

From picnics in the park to snuggling under the stars, these dates are the perfect way to keep your romance alive without breaking the bank.

Tiny African kingdom has skiing as Europe sweats summer heat

BUTHA-BUTHE, Lesotho (AP) — While millions across Europe sweat through a summer of record-breaking heat, they're skiing in Africa. Don't worry. This isn't another sign of climate change but rather the fascinating anomaly of Lesotho, a tiny mountain kingdom completely surrounded by South Africa. Lesotho has an obscure geographical claim to fame: It's the only country on Earth where every inch of its territory sits more than 1,000 meters (3,280...

Baggage chaos: Delta flies plane with 1,000 missing bags — and no people — from London to U.S.

A Delta Air Lines flight with nothing but luggage onboard flew from the U.K. to the U.S. earlier this week. The aircraft was returning 1,000 pieces of stranded luggage to their rightful owners in Detroit after passengers were separated from their belongings while travelling through London’s Heathrow Airport. “Delta teams worked on a creative solution to move delayed checked bags from London-Heathrow on July 11 after a regularly scheduled flight...

Looking for a high performer? Check out these top performing Mutual Funds.

Mutual Funds within this list have outperformed the rest of the market over a 5yr period. This list’s performance is calculated on an equally weighted method.

5 popular sports betting Stocks in 2022

With the digital revolution in full swing and the ease of government regulations on gambling, the industry is heading towards a promising future, the revenues of many world's leading sports betting companies are also growing significantly year on year. Today, sports betting has become one of the fastest growing industries across the world, offering immense potential for both bettors and sportsbooks. Here's a list of the most popular sports...

Artisan doughnut shop serves up unique Yukon flavours

Sarah Hamilton spent a recent Wednesday afternoon busily cutting fresh rhubarb in the basement of Sacred Heart Cathedral in Whitehorse. Beside her was Fiona McTaggart, equally hard at work preparing a batch of doughnuts. Together, the long-time friends own Sourdoughnuts, a popular artisan pop-up doughnut shop located in Yukon’s capital city. The pair, who are also both musicians, decided to launch the business in 2017, with Hamilton flexing...

6 Beautiful Small Towns & Cities In BC That Locals Say Are The 'Cheapest' To Move To

Time to relocate?

Celebrities who pollute the most with their private jets

This Gorgeous Collection Shows You Exactly How a Top Designer Packs on Vacation

Carolyn Murphy's collab with Mother Denim is inspired by '60s and '70s surf style.

The 15 best beaches in Los Angeles

There's something for everyone in the City of Angels. So grab a towel, some sunscreen, and a beverage of choice, and come see what makes this the Beach Capital of the World.

Looking for exposure to gold during market turmoil? Here are the best gold stocks to consider right now!

Looking for exposure to gold during market turmoil? Here are the best gold stocks to consider right now! This list's performance is calculated on an equally weighted method.

Escape the crowds at these 10 national parks

Yellowstone National Park is notable for its geysers and hot springs, containing about half of the world's geysers. Yellowstone National Park is home to the world's most renowned geyser, the Old Faithful Geyser. Grizzly bears, wolves, and elk also call this place home. Click here to explore more on Microsoft Travel.

5 Basic Materials Stocks that are hitting a year low

Basic Materials stocks have surpassed or are approaching their 52-week low which is a technical indicator of the stocks trend. This list’s performance is calculated on an equally weighted method.

The oldest buildings in Europe still in use

Europe is home to some of the oldest buildings in the world still in use today, properties that include a 2,000-year-old Roman temple, a 13th-century Norman-era tower, and a house that survived the Great Fire of London of 1666. These structures and many more like them have resisted for centuries, and really do stand the test of time. Intrigued? Click through and move in on some of the oldest buildings in Europe still functioning today.

Shoppers Can't Stop Wearing These $20 Amazon Overalls With Pockets

“These overalls have it all: comfort, pockets, security, and [they’re] just so dang cute.”

These Floating Sunglasses Actually Work — and They're Just $39

You can get two for the price of one with our promo code.

This Tote Is the 'Best Carry-on Ever,' According to Reviewers — and It's More Than 50% Off Right Now

Shop it now for just $29.

Today in crypto: 5 cryptocurrencies on the rise.

Today in crypto: 5 cryptocurrencies on the rise.Today in crypto: 5 cryptocurrencies on the rise.Today in crypto: 5 cryptocurrencies on the rise.Today in crypto: 5 cryptocurrencies on the rise.Today in crypto: 5 cryptocurrencies on the rise.Today in crypto: 5 cryptocurrencies on the rise.Today in crypto: 5 cryptocurrencies on the rise.Today in crypt...

Culture lover? Top 10 artsy hotspots around the world

Situated on the coastline along the Caspian Sea, Baku has fascinating tourist attractions, including monuments, museums, tombs, and art galleries. Baku’s Old City dates back to the medieval period and has an impressive set of walls, a maze of tunnels, the Royal Palace of the Shirvanshahs, and the iconic stone Maiden Tower. The city offers cruise to...

A TikToker Caught 2 Bears Fighting On A BC Mountain & The Video Is Wild

They were fighting below a chairlift! 🐻

Strange myths and mystical beliefs about periods

Even today, many menstruating people still feel uneasy speaking about their period openly. This age-old taboo about menstruation—something about half the world’s population experiences once a month—is not only mind-boggling, but has also made space for various myths and mystical beliefs to take shape, stretching from ancient to even modern times. If you consider that scientists only started credibly studying the menstrual cycle in the 1930s, it's no surprise that we still have much to learn. From a gift of the gods to a punishment for sins, and all the charming magic in between, click through to see what myths and mystical beliefs there have been about menstruation.

High Revenue Growth

Companies within this list have demonstrated high returns from prior years quarterly results. This list’s performance is calculated on an equally weighted method.

Vacationing 101: 20 travel tips for planning (and enjoying!) the perfect getaway

Flip through the slideshow for 20 essential travel tips, from planning your journey to what to bring in case something bad happens.

September is peak season for Europe. The 10 can't-miss spots to visit

Malta is the largest of the three major islands that constitute the Maltese archipelago. It is sometimes referred to as Valletta for statistical purposes to distinguish the main island from the entire country. Malta is in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea directly south of Italy and north of Libya. The island is 27 kilometres long and 14.5 kilome...

This is what happens if you don't wash yourself

Personal hygiene is taken for granted by many of us, but have you ever thought about what would happen to your body if you stopped washing it? Greasy hair and an unpleasant body odor probably comes to mind, but there are a lot of other 'side effects.' And they're not just negative ones! Curious? Click through and discover what would happen if you stopped bathing.

Pros and cons of being a night owl

There are two kinds of people in this world: the early birds, and the night owls. And while early birds get the more positive rep, night owls have their own distinct advantages as well. Want to discover the pros and cons of being a night owl? Then check out this gallery!

8 US destinations for unforgettable family fun

San Carlos is a city in San Mateo County, California on the San Francisco Peninsula, about halfway between San Francisco and San Jose. It is a small residential suburb located between Belmont and Redwood City . The population is 28,406 per the 2010 census. Click here to explore more on Microsoft Travel.

5 Countries With Travel Warnings Issued By The Government Of Canada

Be wary of where you book your next vacation to! ✈️⚠️

Grandma's tips for cooling off during a heatwave

Animals that can survive (almost) anything

Nature is amazing, and some animals almost seem to have superpowers. For instance, some creatures are able to survive very harsh conditions, including extreme temperatures, little sunlight, and even lack of oxygen. These animals and organisms are prime examples that species can indeed adapt. Curious to find out which animals are the toughest? Then click on!

Uranium Stocks: 5 largest uranium producing companies in the world

Uranium Stocks: 5 largest uranium producing companies in the world. The list's performance is calculated on an equally weighted method.

I Visited An Actual 'Wine Village' In BC & It's The 'First Of Its Kind In Canada'

It's like a boozy playground for adults!🍷

Equinox Gold missed on both the top and bottom line. Revenues of $224.60M (-0.72% YoY) fell below consensus of $254.90M(-11.89%). EPS of $-0.160 missed the consensus estimate of $0.003(-5498.28%).

Equinox Gold missed on both the top and bottom line. Revenues of $224.60M (-0.72% YoY) fell below consensus of $254.90M(-11.89%). EPS of $-0.160 missed the consensus estimate of $0.003(-5498.28%).Equinox Gold missed on both the top and bottom line. Revenues of $224.60M (-0.72% YoY) fell below consensus of $254.90M(-11.89%). EPS of $-0.160 missed th...

Top destinations in Europe for nature lovers

Corsica is an island in the Mediterranean Sea and one of the 18 regions of France. It is located southeast of the French mainland and west of the Italian Peninsula, with the nearest land mass being the Italian island of Sardinia to the immediate south. A single chain of mountains makes up two-thirds of the island. Click here to explore more on Micr...

Discover Mutual Funds that have low fee structures compared to others.

Low fees are commonly associated with the strategy of the fund. Typically, low fee funds are passive or quantitatively focused and have lower fee's then other type of strategies because of the need of consistently monitoring the positions and risk taking. This list’s performance is calculated on an equally weighted method.

Your Latest Market Brief News Update

Free stock quotes, up-to-date news, portfolio management resources, international market data, social interaction and mortgage ...

Genius ideas to use leftover wine

Whether you've opened a cork alone or find yourself with a half-used bottle after a house party, you might ask yourself, "What to do with this leftover wine?" And while it might be rare, and even laughable, the last thing you want to do is pour it down the drain, which would be the ultimate crime! So, how should you deal with excess wine? From recipes and skin care to cleaning hacks, there are many ways you can put it to good use. Click through the following gallery to discover some genius ideas to use leftover wine.

China puts tourist island on lockdown leaving dozens stranded

China locked down an island due to the rise of COVID-19 cases leaving many tourists stuck inside hotels.

The 10 best places to visit in August

Cambridge, England, is known for housing the Fitzwilliam museum, which houses numerous antique, modern arts, and artifacts. Guests will love exploring the city as everything is accessible by foot. Aside from this, guests can also visit the famous Cambridge University, where they can stroll around its scenic botanic garden and enjoy nature. Click he...

America's secret airline the government doesn't want you to know about

Did you know that the US government operates a top secret airline called Janet? The airline tends to fly under the radar, even though it operates out of commercial airports. However, if you've never noticed the discreet, unmarked aircraft fleet, you're not the only one. Janet's operations and the activities of the passengers it transports are highly classified, but take a look at what is known about the airline in the following gallery.

Best spots for sand and sun

Founded initially as a seaside resort town with charming beach cottages, Venice is known for its canals and buzzing beachfront. The city has vibrant boardwalks filled with funky shops, colorful murals, street performers, jugglers, mystics, musicians, tattoo artists, and vendors. The Ocean Front Walk and Abbot Kinney Boulevard are hotspots for artis...

7 Ways Pearson Airport Is Trying To Make Things Less Chaotic For Travellers

Things are starting to look better.

Ottawa admits some travellers were incorrectly told to quarantine due to ArriveCAN app glitch

Following a CBC News investigation, Ottawa has confirmed that, due to a glitch with the ArriveCAN entry app, some travellers who recently entered Canada were sent erroneous notifications instructing them to quarantine.