From Dubai to Dubrovnik: what top destinations looked like before tourism took over

Since the 1970s, millions of people have routinely jetted off on holidays to destinations all over the world. Tourism has increased year on year, and popular cities and places of interest have become more and more congested. Until the pandemic, we could hardly imagine Venice or Times Square without huge crowds of people – but back before cheap holidays, paid time-off and Airbnb, these sites were peaceful backwaters visited only by locals or the wealthy elite. We take a restful look back at those calmer, quieter days…

30 stunning photos that show off Taiwan

Taiwan’s teardrop-shaped island combines nature reserves with night markets, salt fields with street food and mountains with museums. Situated roughly 100 miles (160km) off the coast of mainland China, there are striking views in seemingly every direction. Join us on an armchair odyssey of Taiwan’s most beautiful sights – if planning a real-life visit, be sure to check entry requirements and any local restrictions.

The best music festivals in America

For music fans, there’s no better way to enjoy old favorites and discover new artists than attending a full-scale multi-day music festival. America is a big country with lots of different climates, which means outdoor festival season goes almost all year. From rock to country to electronic dance music (EDM), these are some of the best American music festivals to look forward to over the course of a year.

How many of the world's best airlines have you flown with?

While it’s safe to say 2020 was a bad year for the aviation industry, air travel is back in 2021 as countries begin to lift restrictions (although do check international COVID-19 rules and guidelines before booking any trips). With that in mind, we’ve consulted Airline Ratings’ Airline of the Year Awards to bring you the best of the bunch for 2021.

Boy dies after being buried under sand dune at state park

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A 13-year-old Utah boy has died from his injuries a day after a sand dune he was digging in collapsed and buried him at a state park, officials said Monday. The boy had been digging a tunnel into the dune at southern Utah's Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park when it collapsed on him Saturday evening, park rangers said. A family member alerted authorities, and rangers arrived to dig the boy out from what they said was about 6...

Regular travel and public health measures can't coexist: Canadian Airport Council

OTTAWA — International arrivals at Canadian airports are so backed up that people are being kept on planes for over an hour after they land because there isn't physically enough space to hold the lineups of travellers, says the Canadian Airports Council. The council blames COVID-19 protocols and has called on the federal government to do away with random tests and public health questions at customs to ease the serious delays passengers face when...

Where Was ‘Conversations with Friends’ Filmed?

From Croatian islands to the halls of Ireland’s best universities, we’ve got the behind-the-scenes scoop.

These incredible fairy-tale castles are hidden across Europe

Europe is peppered with incredible castles, spanning a variety of eras and architectural styles. From Sleeping Beauty's castle come to life in Germany to a spooky Dracula castle in Romania, these structures are filled with mystery and myth, and have captured people's attention for centuries. Hidden in mountains, perched on hillsides and nestled on lakes, these are the best castles in Europe.

The Best Travel Strollers of 2022, Tested by Parents and Travel Experts

Our top pick is the Joolz AER for its portability.

This Meghan Markle-approved Brand Dropped Lightweight Linen Pieces Just in Time for Summer

Shop easy-breezy matching sets, dresses, pants, jumpsuits, and more.

Fans Are Convinced This Cute, Affordable $35 Skort From Amazon Is Better Than the Lululemon Version

Bonus: it has pockets.

Have you visited your state's top movie location?

From the palm-fringed streets of Miami to the charming brownstones of New York, America is a haven for movie-makers. It’s no wonder, then, that the country can often feel familiar to first-time visitors, given that many of its cities and landscapes have played a starring role on cinema screens over the years. Read on to find the most famous filming location in every state, plus some fascinating facts movie buffs are sure to enjoy. As always, be sure to check state travel advisories and any local restrictions or closures before you head out.

For Author Leila Mottley, A Changing Oakland Will Always Be Home

The writer reflects on her relationship with her beloved hometown, the setting for her debut novel Nightcrawling.

Once-in-a-lifetime trips we'd love to experience

The world is full of beautiful places with fascinating cultures and the best way to appreciate the rich and diverse world we live in is by exploring it. From observing unique rituals to taking part in ancient practices and discovering a region’s particular rhythms, here are some extraordinary cultural experiences that should be on your bucket list.

Eric Clapton cancels shows after testing positive for COVID

Eric Clapton, a critic of coronavirus vaccines and pandemic restrictions, has tested positive for COVID-19 and canceled two upcoming European gigs. Clapton’s upcoming shows in Zurich on Tuesday and Milan on Wednesday will be rescheduled, he announced on his Facebook page and official online site. The 77-year-old rocker tested positive following his concert at London’s Royal Albert Hall on May 8. “Eric is also anxious to avoid passing on any...

The Best New Openings in Singapore, From Luxury Hotels to Can’t-Miss Tasting Menus

The Lion City is officially dropping testing and quarantine requirements for vaccinated travelers this month.

The 28 Best Coastal Grandmother Home Decor Items to Shop From Amazon's Hidden Beach-inspired Storefront

Fill your home with stylish nautical pieces.

Surprise weather events no one expected

Despite being armed with multiple weather apps, changeable weather can still catch us by surprise. But it also catches meteorologists out. We take a look at some weather events over the decades that have defied official forecasts and predictions…

These celebrities have a doppelganger from the past

When you look at the uncanny resemblance between some of today’s biggest celebrities, it might seem that a lot of stars have been separated at birth. Even stranger are the celebrities who so closely resemble famous faces of the past that you start to wonder if they’ve harnessed the power of time travel. The celebrities in our gallery might benefit from a DNA test to see if they share more than just looks with these historical figures.

15 Vineyards You Can Spend the Night At, From Mexico to Italy

These vacation rentals are oenophiles' oases.

This Catskills Inn Has 10 Retro-chic New Bungalows in a Wildflower Meadow

Caviar service, outdoor painting classes, and in-bungalow spa treatments? Sign us up.

What It Takes to Feed Thousands of Passengers On Board a Mega Cruise Ship

On the new Celebrity Beyond mega cruise ship, a look at how 32 dining concepts come to life.

This Vacation Rental Company Wants To Give You Free Trips for Life

The "Vacation You For Life" sweepstakes, which is open through Nov. 30, will give the lucky traveler access to any Evolve vacation rental.

Rick Steves Just Told Us Everything You Need to Know About Traveling to Europe This Summer

"Be out early, be out late," Rick Steves told T+L. "Go to the less-famous places, and treat them like the famous places."

The history of air travel in pictures

From the early days of flight and the "golden age of travel", to modern-day budget airlines and the current regulations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, air travel has changed a lot over the past century. Here, we take a journey through time to bring you the biggest milestones in commercial aviation history.

Everything that Goes Into Listing an Airbnb, According to Actual Hosts

From hiring professional photographers to picking out the perfect throw pillows, it’s equal parts art and science.

On Location: ‘Downton Abbey: A New Era’ Captures the Timeless Charm of the French Riviera

Lifting the curtain on the destinations behind the season’s most exciting new releases.

The Easiest Caribbean Destinations To Visit This Summer

The region is welcoming back more and more visitors, but some places are making it easier than others to enter.

Beloved cruise ships no longer sailing

The cruise industry has had to navigate some very choppy waters since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. A cautious restart may now be happening but instead of drifting back out to sea some of our most loved ships have been taken out of service or scrapped. Is your favourite among our list of cruise ships no longer sailing?

You won't believe these stunning sand sculptures around the world

We all try to build masterpieces on the beach when armed with a bucket and spade. But these are a different class. Created all over the world, these jaw-dropping sand sculptures are inspiring. From the tallest sandcastle to a recreation of the lost city of Atlantis, get ready for the most incredible sandy creations of all time…

The most spine-chilling abandoned places on Earth

The world is filled with intriguing deserted places, from forgotten Gold Rush-era towns and derelict islands to amusement parks left to rust. We've scoured the globe to bring you a virtual tour of the world's most fascinating and spine-chilling abandoned spots. (If you're planning on venturing out for yourself, be sure to check travel restrictions due to COVID-19 before you go.)

This New Jersey cottage is shrouded in mystery

Frozen in time, take a tour of this abandoned New Jersey house brimming with antiques, clocks and curios

Ireland's amazing attractions no one should miss

The Emerald Isle is completely jaw-dropping. From its impressive coastlines and national parks to historic monuments and quaint towns, it’s jam-packed with wanderlust. Yet beyond the tourist trail there are some under-the-radar gems, too – here’s our pick of the best.

The sexiest Canadian stars

Not only does Canada have breathtaking scenery and beautiful seasons, it’s also home to many attractive stars. Some names are obvious, such as Drake and Ryan Reynolds, but others might surprise you. Here’s a list of the 30 sexiest Canadian celebrities.

CDC Recommends Travelers Test for COVID-19 As Close 'As Possible' to Departure

The recommendation applies to both domestic and international trips.

This Florida Town Is the Only Place on the Continent Where You Can Swim With Manatees

And this $65 swim with manatees tour is one of the top-rated activities in the U.S.

9 Magical 'Harry Potter'-themed Airbnbs Around the World

Get your wands ready for these truly magical Harry Potter-themed Airbnbs.

How to Cook the Perfect Steak at Home, According to Top NYC Chefs

Martinis recommended, of course.

I'm a Travel Writer, and This Rolling Carry-on Duffel Is the Best Soft-sided Suitcase I've Ever Used

It fit everything I needed for my 15-day honeymoon trip.

Exploring the Great Outdoors By Wheelchair

A guide for wheelchair users on the places, products, and people that are making the outdoors more accessible than ever.

These Are the Best Airline Credit Cards for Travelers

And the benefits of each card.

The world's most remote and beautiful train stations

Being a keen traveller means exploring iconic landmarks, bucket list cities and gorgeous natural wonders, but it's also about discovering some of the world's lesser known spots. If you feel like venturing off the beaten path, then these remote train stations would certainly help you to do so. From an abandoned metro station in rural China to a Scottish railway terminal in the shadow of Ben Nevis, these are the most secluded rail stops on the planet.

Revealed: Titanic's biggest secrets

When the RMS Titanic left Southampton, England on 10 April 1912 bound for New York, she was the largest ocean liner afloat and thought to be unsinkable. More than just a ship, the Titanic was a symbol of the wealth, sumptuous tastes and engineering skill of the Edwardian age. But her collision with an iceberg in the North Atlantic on 14 April – and the resulting loss of more than 1,500 lives – marked the end of an era. Today, more than 110 years later, the Titanic's tragic story continues to captivate. Here we've uncovered incredible images that show what life was really like on the most famous and ill-fated voyage in history.

How This Stunning Island Became the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean

This is "The Year of Gastronomy" on the Caribbean island of St. Martin.

Deadly and devastating tornadoes throughout the world's history

Tornados, or twisters, are among the world’s most terrifying weather events, tearing across land and often causing extensive damage and death. Defined as vertical funnels of frantically spinning air, they come from thunderstorms and can also hit land after gathering speed and forming spouts in water from rivers to the sea. And certain parts of the world are far more susceptible. From tornadoes with the highest death tolls to tragedies that could have been avoided, here are some of the deadliest and most devastating tornadoes of all time.

How many of the UK's top 25 hotels have you stayed in?

A great hotel is a key part of any holiday to relax and unwind but with endless options on offer, it can be hard to choose. Thankfully, TripAdvisor has recently revealed the top 25 hotels in the UK and the Channel Islands in its Travelers’ Choice 2022 Awards. From stylish boutique hotels for a city break to charming countryside retreats, these hotels will exceed your expectations.

Costs to get out of the city rising as fuel prices keep inching up

The cost of gasoline keeps rising ahead of the May long weekend, making a jaunt out of the city cost a fair bit more than the same trip last year. Natural Resources Canada says the average price across the country for regular gasoline hit $2.067 per litre on Tuesday for an all-time high, up 0.4 of a cent from Monday, while the price averaged $1.337 a litre in May last year. So what does that translate into actual costs to drivers? Here's a...

New York Airports' Food and Alcohol Is About to Get Cheaper After $27 Beer Goes Viral

"Nobody should have to fork over such an exorbitant amount for a beer."

Once a powerful symbol in Russia, McDonald's withdraws

Two months after the Berlin Wall fell, another powerful symbol opened its doors in the middle of Moscow: a gleaming new McDonald’s. It was the first American fast-food restaurant to enter the Soviet Union, reflecting the new political openness of the era. For Vlad Vexler, who as a 9-year-old waited in a two-hour line to enter the restaurant near Moscow’s Pushkin Square on its opening day in January 1990, it was a gateway to the utopia he...

The Best Time to Visit Spain for Great Weather, Famous Festivals, and Travel Deals

Start planning your trip to Spain now.